HIDRA007 - ACRM - Cell Division - 2015

ACRM - Cell Division (HIDRA007) 2015 - Front Cover

ACRM - Cell Division (HIDRA007) 2015 - Back Cover

Artist: Acrm, Cybernetricks
Title: Cell Division
Label: Hidra Beats
Genre: PsyBreaks, NeuroStep, PsyStep, Glitch Hop
Date: March 21, 2015
Format: FLAC, MP3, WAV
Length: 52:49

Hidra Beats is proud to present its first album release by the Swiss producer ACRM.

Cell division is the process by which a parent cell divides into two or more daughter cells. Cell division usually occurs as part of a larger cell cycle. It is also known as binary fission of cells, stars and other universe creations.

Cell Division is the embryo of our new age, the age of consciousness.


01-Acrm - Embryo (4:59)
02-Acrm - Irrational (4:40)
03-Acrm - Melan13 (4:11)
04-Acrm - Laboratec (5:31)
05-Cybernetricks & Acrm - Lac Sousterrain (4:34)
06-Acrm - Cell Division (4:10)
07-Cybernetricks & Acrm - Entangled (5:30)
08-Acrm - Devo (4:39)
09-Acrm - Lifebird (7:40)
10-Acrm - Dream Consciousness (6:55)

All tracks written and produced by: Felix Ackermann aka Acrm, Switzerland.
Except track 5 & 7 written and produced with: Florent Didierjean aka Cybernetricks, Switzerland.
Mastering by: Felix Ackermann, Switzerland.
Original Artwork Cover by: Aeleath aka Jake Logsdon.
Adapted Artwork Cover by: Anass Soursweet, Canada.
Distributed by: ElectroD.me

Available at our Bandcamp!!!

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