Hidra Beats is a record label, based in Montreal, Québec, Canada, that brings next level vibes to existing EDM, styles on Earth.

Hidra Beats focuses on emerging music styles with a touch of underground flavor added to it, ought to raise the sound experience to another level, higher grounds, in symbiosis with light, creating perfect life energy matter of colored heart beats, bi aura music for the brain conscience to evolve.

▲▲▲Hidra ▲▲▲Beats ▲▲▲ was chosen as synonym of life creation on Earth, carbon based life forms. You can expect punchy hidra beasts and elevating music!!!

From dub, to electro, ambient/chillout, Cafe and Louge music, IDM, house, trap, techno and other Intelligent Forms of Music.

Stay tuned in frequency for high vibrations energy on the dancefloor, and/or in your head!!!

If they will not understand that we are bringing them mathematically faultless happiness, our duty will be to force them to be happy. 1

1 Evgeny Zamyatin